Andi Avery was born in New York, where she learned to give her unvarnished opinion on just about everything. After a promising childhood defined by an incorrigible book habit, and 4 years in an intensive acting and directing program, she dropped out of an all-girls private college after 8 months. She spent the next decade trying to assuage her guilt by obtaining as many odd certifications as possible as she tried to find her niche. The yoga teacher-cum-sommelier-cum-wildlife veterinary technician-cum-sex worker (sure, you can add a rim shot in there if you like)-cum-stuntwoman finally pulled her shit together in 2015 when she conceptualized a film based on her experiences in sex work. Leaving Charlie was shot in 2016 by a crew of 40 women & non-binary individuals. The narrative short has made rounds on the festival circuit, landing her 3 awards for her directing. Most importantly, it finally allowed her to utter the only statement that got a bigger eye-roll from Mom & Dad than her job as a stripper: “…but what I really want to do, is direct.”





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Recovering is currently in post-production. For information on our release, please follow us on Facebook @RecoveringFilm.


For a full list of press & awards for Leaving Charlie, please visit

Acting & Stunt

Past Projects


Leaving Charlie • Lead • Motormouth Productions
Cracks • Supporting • ZombieCat Productions
Hide & Sneak • Lead • Heather Hutton, Producer
Copper Kingdom • Lead • Eric Gremillion, Producer


Lucky Numbers • GA Lottery


American Horror Story: Coven • Stunts • FX
Sons of Anarchy • Croweater • FX

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